2020 / Single

Hold The Trouble Low

Anyhumalis, Reggae, Dubsteb, drum and bass, Jungle, HipHop
01     HOLD THE TROUBLE LOW   07:00


I notice it in many moments when I myself am part of a big problem and can hardly escape it. So I start with little things and gradually sink myself to finally take my own life steps more carefully. 

"Hold The Trouble Low" a critical issue! The inner satisfaction does not increase with more possession of material. So I wish all living beings a meaningful life! 

The video shows some scenes that can be misunderstood by the viewer. The presentation focuses on me and my offenses. It involves some political conflicts. oney, power, greed, poverty, the environment, natural disaster and changing times. Stress, aggression, weapons, addiction, abuse and the way of life from it. All of these keywords are used until the end of the track.


So in this moment what I put on through, that don´t exist!
Then all of this mad stuff, what I can´t resistand this humans black list.
I will take good care, but I cannot do, because it´s everywhere,
Wow now!
It on the limit, massive production and the crime of damned.
They want to stop the way, of all the small community.
Listen then we got to say, hey!

Hold The Trouble Low,
Hold The Trouble Low now,

We also saw the natural growing up on seeds,
now most of this is cloned and no one can stop this cheats!
At all this moment´s what you put in good,
for a great inspiration and not much thing´s you need.
Ricing up with sun, that brings you smile indeed.
Yes we like that natural flavour, while your heart is growing up good beat.
Then go outside, look for mother´s earth.
Remember most of this time, we waste in stuff we buy.
For our healthness put the spirits outside, no fame to high and it will go.
And then we sing!

Hold The Trouble Low,
Hold The Trouble Low now,

So in this moment what you think twice,
make sure your business takes not over your life.
Since you was young, you allways want a big price!
A think only, the economical destroy is highsize.
You do your play in a different way,
but may in end not long time you spend in thing´s what you really need.
So you ever feel low in this high
and you never get a smart paper, for your sunshine.
Wow Wooou Wowooouu Wow!

Hold The Trouble Low, Hold The Trouble Low, Hold The Trouble Low,
Hold The Trouble Low, Hold The Trouble Low,
Hold The Trouble Low now,
I  aaaaaaahhhaahhaaa
Wow now, now I know now.

A think on future and cut the past!
The living space, reach finals place!
Believe in old town, there was a day,
better I clean up bad things immadiate.
Well I cannot need it, to live back in yesterday,
oh yes not to create a life on materialistic way!
Wow now, Wow yes!
It is the last present for world.
Wow now, give them back to natural, give it, give it back
and hold it low, the trouble we go,
make sure!
The Trouble low now,